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CBDDY is one of Arkansas'​ first Hemp Based Companies and the first Arkansas CBD company to bring a unique product lineup to the market. We manufacture 90% of our CBD Products in house and are unique to any other CBD product on the market.

CBDDY has become well known and recognized by the senior community due to it's favored tasteless CBD Oil it offers. After hearing numerous stories of creative techniques being used just to be able to stand taking CBD Oil due to the lack of attractiveness in the taste by seniors and young customers alike, we produced a high quality pharma grade CBD Oil from 99% pure CBD Isolate.

CBDDY has gained the attention of a well known celebrity, Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from Shark Tank. We have partnered with Kevin's company and will begin our studio production television commercial next month to begin airing around October.

Currently CBDDY can be found in a few vetted Central Arkansas CBD Retailers and quickly adding new authorized CBD retailers weekly. If you would like to offer CBDDY CBD in your retail store, please inquire by emailing chris at cbddy dot com or call (501) 800-3533. Same day order fulfillment on most wholesale cbd orders.

Abby Road North
5302 MacArthur Dr
North Little Rock, AR 72118
(501) 771-7766
Authorized CBDDY CBD Retailer in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Bungalow Bills
22 Remount Rd
North Little Rock AR 72118
(501) 812-2061
Authorized CBDDY Retailer in North Little Rock, Arkansas


One Stop Tobacco Shop
1423 S 2nd St
Cabot, Arkansas 72023
(501) 941-3617
Authorized CBDDY Retailer in Cabot, Arkansas

Advanced Nutrition
918 W Main St #6
Cabot, AR 72023
(501) 941-1500
Authorized CBDDY Retailer in Cabot, Arkansas


Southern Sass Boutique Best Wholesale CBD
1712B W Dewitt Henry Dr.
Beebe, AR 72012
(501) 230-0787
Authorized CBDDY Retailer in Beebe, Arkansas

The medical & health benefits of CBD are becoming more and more widely known. Best Wholesale CBD Hemp derived CBD products are legal in most places, and they are gaining popularity CBDDY™ around the country and world. Be sure See More to check out for your wholesale CBD Products cbd needs, they have a variety of high quality CBD products available for wholesale and direct to consumer, check them out today and share the amazing effects of CBD with your friends and family!

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